Tourbillon Strategic Fund

The Tourbillon Strategic Fund is a Notified Alternative Investment Fund and Sub-Fund of Palladium Finance SICAV p.l.c. A collective investment scheme organised as a multi-fund public limited liability company with variable share capital registered under the laws of Malta.


The investment objective of the NAIF is to generate long-term capital appreciation for its Shareholders by increasing the NAV of the Sub-Fund, whilst maintaining low volatility of returns.


The core investment strategies of the fund are focused on structured finance arbitrage and quantitative algorithmic trading. Capital will be deployed across multiple diversified, uncorrelated, liquid strategies. Targeting investments which are extremely low risk and market neutral, offering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors.


Base Currency Class A Investor Shares – EUR.
Investor Shares
Non-voting participating shares (which may include fractions of a whole share) of no par value in the Sub-Fund.
Minimum Subscription
Minimum Initial Subscription
EUR100,000 or its equivalent in any other currency
Minimum Additional Subscription
EUR1,000 or its equivalent in any other currency.
Initial Offering Price
Closing Date
Sep 2022 or such earlier or later date as the Directors may in their absolute discretion determine.
Subscription Day
The first business day of every month and such other Business Days as the Directors may from time to time determine.
Valuation Day
The Business Day immediately preceding a Subscription Day or Redemption Day, and such other Business Day as the Directors may determine from time to time.
Redemption Day
First Business Day of every month and such Business Day as the Directors may from time to time determine.
Registered Office
259, St. Paul Street; Valletta VLT 1213; Malta
Investment Manager
Gamma Capital Markets Limited
Swissquote Financial Services (Malta) Ltd
Amicorp Fund Services Malta Limited.
Outsourced 3rd Party Research Services Provider
Acuity Knowledge Partners
Legal Advisers
GANADO Advocates
Auditors and Tax Advisors
Zampa Debattista
Company Secretary
E2S Monitoring Ltd.

About the Manager

Gamma Capital Markets Limited was established in 2010 and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) under license No. IS / 51103 (Cat. 2).


Gamma are an Alternative Investment Fund Management Company pursuant to Directive 2011/61/EU.


259, St. Paul Street – Valletta – Malta


+356 2248 52 00

Key Highlights


  • Intraday Systematic Strategy: returns to cash daily with extremely high liquidity
  • Derivative Arbitrage Strategy: High – capital committed for 1 week terms
  • Structured Finance Strategy: High – Capital committed for 2/3 week terms

Low Volatility

  • Market neutral investing eliminates systematic risk
  • Actively utilizes sector or index based hedging techniques
  • Extremely low volatility, track record indicates 2% annualized, superior to most asset classes


  • Investments are highly diversified across countries and sectors
  • Strategies are uncorrelated with little or no market risk.
  • Fund structures enables investment across a wider range of market opportunities within the structured finance strategy


  • Highly experienced investment committee and trading team spanning multiple fund strategies
  • Over 60 years combined industry experience
  • The regulated AIFM, Gamma Capital, has over $1.2bn under active management

Track Record

  • Investment committee has generated over 10% annualized net returns to investors in last 4 years
  • Outperformed all hedge fund indices since inception

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